Man thrown in the air like a ragdoll by Police car answering 999 call


The Metropolitan police and the IOPC  have  launched a joint  investigation following a fatal collision involving a pedestrian after a marked police vehicle was involved in a collision on Saturday afternoon.

Road closures remain in place whilst specialist crash scene investigators carry out an examination of the vehicle and road surfaces under the supervision the of the IOPC.


Despite the efforts of the  the officers onboard the  crashed Police vehicle using a defibrillators and trauma kit the pedestrian  was declared dead at the scene. 


Bystanders claim the person was using the crossing when they were  thrown in the air like a rag doll.


A spokesman for the IOPC said


“We have begun an independent investigation into a fatal collision involving a Metropolitan Police vehicle and a male pedestrian on the A4 Great West Rd, Brentford this afternoon (Saturday).

The collision occurred close to the junction with Boston Manor Rd at around 4.30 pm. The marked police vehicle was responding to an emergency call at the time.

Sadly the man, aged around 40, was declared dead at the scene. After being notified by the MPS, we sent investigators to the scene and police post-incident procedures to begin our enquiries.”