Breaking Hackney LONDON

Police under attack with Kerb stones Bricks and bottles on Woodberry Down Estate #Hackney




Police come under attack with Kerb stone brick and bottle being thrown at TSG officers on the Woodberry Down Estate #Hackney after  attending an illegal unlicensed music event.   

Met officers are being supported by City of London Officer and  have closed off Seven sisters Road  after closing down the illegal event  to protect the public and prevent crime.


Officers have come under fire from missles being thrown. Road furniture bricks and glass bottle were being thrown by a group of approx 150 people.

 Two dog handlers narrowly escaped  serious injury after a kerb stone narrowly missed a police dog and her handler 

Earlier Police issued the following 

The Met will be deploying additional officers across the Capital this weekend to protect our communities from violence following a number of murders in recent days and intelligence regarding planned unlicensed music events.

Resources from a wide range of units including our Violent Crime Task Force, Trident and armed officers will be alongside local officers, including the Met’s newly formed Violence Suppression Units – all working to keep London safe.


Our officers will be proactively targeting those we know are involved in the crimes that do the most harm to our communities using a range of tactics and are ready to respond robustly and swiftly to any incidents of violence or disorder.

DAC Lucy D’Orsi, who is Gold Commander during the weekend, said: “The past week has seen a number of people who have needlessly lost their lives at the hands of violent criminals – any number of murders is too many but we are very concerned by the recent increase.

“We have also seen an increase in unlicensed music events which, as well as being very disruptive to communities and posing an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission, they have in some cases led to violent incidents affecting both those attending and the officers who have to shut them down.

“Tackling violence is always the Met’s number one priority and we are doing all we can to prevent any further incidents and bring perpetrators to justice.

“We know this is what our communities want from their police. Our officers will be very visible this weekend and will be engaging with the communities they serve to help keep them safe.


That includes using tactics such as stop and search.

“But we can’t do this alone – we have long said that tackling violence needs the combined efforts of the whole community.

If you have information which could help us stop more people getting hurt, or if you’re worried about someone you care about, please contact us so we can take the action necessary.”