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Picnic of Death in the Park is nothing to do British Freedom Movement says leader

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Screenshot 2020 05 15 at 00.59.22

Jayda Fransen has issued a statement in respect of  Picnic of Death in the Park being attributed them. 

Neither I, nor the British Freedom Movement have anything to do with the lockdown protests that are due to take place this weekend.

I am highly suspicious of the individual who called these protests, a Mr Richard Inman, leader of the UK FREEDOM MOVEMENT, given that he did so knowing that participants could be fined and/ or jailed.

I find the motives of the U.K. Freedom Movement to be sinister and reckless.

Mr Inman and his group, THE UK FREEDOM MOVEMENT are in no way connected with my party (BRITISH FREEDOM MOVEMENT/PARTY) or businesses.

I am seeking legal advice with regards to the appalling statements made publicly by elected officials claiming that I was responsible for organising these rallies, including Cllr. Séamas De Faoite and Lord John Mann.

Such statements, which were entirely false, have resulted in me receiving death threats.

I feel this amounts to an abuse of office and as such, I will be taking the matter further.

I denounce the irresponsible actions of Mr Inman and his UK FREEDOM MOVEMENT and his cowardice in not coming forward in person to withdraw his idiotic plans to hold the PICNIC OF DEATH IN THE PARK.  Jayda Fransen