Breaking Hackney LONDON

Man stabbed by Youths with machetes running down Broadway Market in Hackney


Police are on scene Broadway Market, E8 dealing with a stabbing.

Victim is now at hospital awaiting update on condition. A weapon has been recovered nearby.

One shocked bystander took to social media and  said: Youths with machetes running down Broadway Market tonight, without fear of being caught, stabbing each other. Stabbing in the field yesterday. Are you going to deal with the situation in Hackney.. 


Additional resources are in the area conducting patrols whilst we continue our investigation into this matter.

A  Section 60 CJPOA authority for the whole of the London Borough of Hackney has been extended until 9am  31st July 2020 on the authority of D/Supt Courcha due to further incidents of violence involving the use of offensive weapons #Hackney