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First picture of Maxine late mother of Jake Davison murder victim who was gunned down in the six minutes killing spree

Pictured is the late mother of Jake Davison who was gunned down and killed in his six minute kill spree after Davison went on the rampage killing people at Random. Despite efforts of an advance paramedic a Hart team and air ambulance doctors Maxine died at the scene.


Further details were revealed at a press conference held by Devon and Cornwall police. They revealed that Davison was know to them and held a valued fire arms certificate that was renews in 2020. 

Police reveal Plymouth youngest victim was girl, aged just three years old, as it is claimed his mum and his grandfather ‘tried to get him mental health support’ but he was still able to keep his gun licence

Shaun Sawyer, chief constable of Devon and Cornwall, said bodybuilder  Davison, 22, murdered a female member of his own family, 51, after bursting into her home with a pump-action shotgun. He open fire four times causing fatal injuries to his mum Maxine just after 6.12pm on Thursday afternoon.