Abbey Wood Breaking LONDON

Bloodbath on the forecourt after knife attack at BP Abbeywood


Police closed the BP Garage and  Harrow Manor Way  in both directions in Abbeywood  South East London following the late night attack the second knife  incident within days on Tuesday night.


A man was attacked and stabbed following the attack  the man staggered across to the  night pay window of the BP petrol station were large blood stains can be seen.

Officers from Greenwich threw up a mass cordon and threw the area into Police lockdown.  The man was treated by Paramedics before being rushed to hospital.

A shocked worker describe a fight breaking out and a man being  stabbed he then came  staggering over to window asking for me  to call and ambulance.

He looked in a pretty bad way. The Police turned up and put up cordon and said that I would have to stay closed for the time being. There were a lot of Police and ambulance.


The Met Police have been approached for comment.  The violent attack comes just hours after Two men and a boy were stabbed when a masked gang stormed  the Abbeywood Armed pub  The victims, aged 14, 18 and 19, were taken to hospital after violence broke out.